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Flex™ Skate Roller Skis

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For the first time in their history, FLEX™ roller skis see major updates for 2017. Lowered suspension arms and a longer 610mm wheelbase dramatically increase stability, and for the first time ever FLEX™ roller skis come with fenders. Patented TrueSki™ Technology allows each roller ski wheel to move independently, absorbing irregularities in the road surface. The suspension on each wheel reduces vibration and shock loading, improves foot and shin comfort, and reduces the risk of an overuse injury. The suspension on FLEX™ roller skis also gives a light kick at the end of every push, giving the most realistic on-snow feel of any roller ski on the market. For both athletes and recreational roller skiers, FLEX™ is the ultimate answer.


-TrueSki™ Technology

-Roller Ski Suspension Tailored to Skier Weight

-Lifetime Warranty

-Compatible with NIS, NNN, & SNS Plates and Bindings

-610mm Wheelbase -Standard Wheel Size (100x24mm)

-Assembled in Canada


Note: bindings sold separately